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DZ e-Science GRID

Welcome to DZ e-Science GRID Web Site;

DZ e-Science GRID is an organisation of Certification Authority which provides services for generating and managing Certificates for members of the DZ e-Science Grid or for who is actively involved with an e-Science project.

The certificates issued by the DZ e-Science CA are valid in the context of the scientific community through ARN in order to facilitate the needs for grid computing in the national and wider area.
Responsabilities of the DZ e-Science GRID

DZ e-Science GRID is responsible for :
  • Issuing and managing certificates.
  • Publication of certificates.
  • Publication of  Certificate Revocation Lists (CRLs).
  • Certificate renewal/revocation's procedure.

The process of obtaining a certificate:

  1. You import the DZ e-Science CA from this site.
  2. You request a certificate from this site.
  3. Your nearest Registration Authority (RA) will then require a face-to-face meeting with you to verify your identity. They will need to see your photo ID.
  4. The RA checks the PIN that you entered when requesting your certificate.
  5. Then the RA checks that you are part of a recognised organisation.
  6. If all criteria are validated then the RA will approve the request.
  7. The DZ e-Science CA operator will review the approval and sign it.
  8. You will be informed, via email, that your certificate is ready. The email will contain the serial number and instructions to get your certificate.

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